What should be done to restore the forest cover in Uganda?(Deadline;28th February 2018).

According to public engagements coordinated by ToroDev, citizens have raised concerns about the rate at which the environment is being degraded baring in mind practices like tree cutting, cultivation in wet lands, etc. they are normally cleared by rich people who want to do their personal developments including infrastructure development, charcoal, furniture & paper, etc without considering the future impact to the community members. Experts tell us that without forests, rain patterns change, animals are displaced and humanity in general is threatened. Additionally, the Nations Television Uganda (NTV) reported on February 11, 2018 run an investigative documentary on how Mabira Forest, the largest in Uganda, is being degraded by unknown loggers and timber extraction individuals, just to mention but some.

There have been a number of international and local movements that have been created to restore Uganda’s forest cover. However, there needs to be more action taken from different actors to ensure forests countrywide are protected and that there are more tree planting initiatives. 


What should be done to restore the forest cover in Uganda?

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