Agriculture sector Budget Framework Paper FY 2018/19

Agriculture is one of the primary growth sectors identified in the NDP2.The Vision of the NDP 2 is A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern prosperous society in 30 years.The NDP 2 vision aims to transformUgandas society from a predominately peasant-based economy to a just, peaceful and prosperous middle income country. In the ASSP, the Agriculture sectors vision is: A competitive, profitable and sustainable sectorwhile its mission is: Transforming the sec torfrom subsistence farming to commercial agricultureThe envisaged transformationwill help create employment opportunities, especially for the young and for women, and increase household incomes,while ensuring household food security along the entire commodity value chain. The overall goal of the sector is: Toachieve an average growth rate of 6% per year over the next 5 years.

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