Marburg virus outbreak in Kenya and Uganda

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has confirmed two cases of the Marburg virus. In addition to the confirmed cases, there are currently four suspected and three probable cases.

One of the confirmed cases traveled to Kenya prior to his death. For the moment, active tracing is being conducted in Kween and Kapchorwa district in Uganda, as well as in Kitale district and West Pokot in Kenya.

“Marburg virus disease is an emerging and highly virulent epidemic-prone disease associated with high case fatality rates (case fatality rate: 23–90%). Marburg virus disease outbreaks are rare. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected persons or wild animals (e.g. monkeys and fruit bats).” - WHO

For people living in the above-mentioned districts, please observe the following precautions issued by the Ugandan Ministry of Health:

  • Report any suspected patients immediately to a nearby health facility.
  • Avoid direct contact with body fluids of a person presenting with bleeding tendencies or symptoms suggestive of Marburg virus disease.
  • Health workers are further reminded to wear gloves and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when taking care of ill patients or suspected cases.
  • Regular hand washing is required after visiting patients in hospital, as well as after taking care of patients at home.
  • Avoid contact with persons who have died from the disease.
  • Allow health workers to perform dignified burials among victims who might have succumbed to the disease, so as to minimise its spread to others.

Please report any suspected cases via the Ministry of Health hotline on 0800-100- 066.

For more details, please see attached press release from the Ugandan Ministry of Health or

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